Engineering Open Day for Permanent and Summer Jobs

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? After the positive feedback we received from previous Open Days, the team here at Holt Engineering Recruitment are very excited to be hosting another Engineering Recruitment Open Day at our offices in Bournemouth, Dorset. Whether you are looking for Summer work in a Factory or a …

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How will Artificial Intelligence alter the Recruitment Landscape?

Every time new technology emerges, the Luddite’s message is heard loud and clear – “Robots/Machines/Computers/AI are taking our Jobs!”. In this article we ask the question; will AI alter the recruitment landscape? When the Model T Ford went into mass production nearly 100 years ago, Horse Breeders, Horse Traders and Stable …

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Recruitment Versus Headhunting – what’s the difference?

Although Recruitment and Headhunting are very similar forms of Candidate Sourcing, there are some crucial differences that mean one method will suit certain situations better than the other. Both would use Searches, Networks, and Talent Pools but to different ends. Traditionally, Recruiters work with a Pool of candidates along with …

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