2016 was one of the most turbulent years of the 21st century for the manufacturing sector. In spite of this, the landscape remains the same for UK recruiters in the sector. Year on year concerns for skill and education remain at the forefront amongst manufacturing companies, the need for volumes of key people with the right experience, talent and skills. In this climate, only the best recruiters can deliver consistently for their clients.

Staff retention and ongoing recruitment should always be at the forefront of any manufacturing company’s management strategy. In any industry, the greatest asset any employer has is their workforce and there will always be exciting and rewarding careers for candidates seeking career progression with good working hours and incentive. Recent surveys reveal that many UK manufacturing companies feel that there are not enough young people joining the industry due to a lack of interest in careers in manufacturing. As older workers retire, the UK government and education system as a whole need to boost numbers and drive up the quality of courses and education for future generations joining the ranks.

Despite a rocky 2016 UK Manufacturers have shown remarkable resilience with some companies benefiting in 2017 from their products becoming suddenly more competitive against overseas suppliers following the post-Brexit drop in the £.

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