Meet the Team

If you are interested in getting to know our recruitment team you’ve certainly come to the right place. Below you will find a little info about each of our consultants, as well as the areas and divisions they specialise in. Let’s take a look…

Stuart Holt, PFM Director at Holt Engineering Recruitment - Bournemouth, England

Stuart Holt, PFM Director

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“I always wanted to work somewhere that was professional and hardworking, but where they still placed an emphasis on having fun at work; I couldn’t find one, so I built one.  I’m happy to say I genuinely think everyone that works for this company enjoys coming to work, and for me, that is what it is all about.

I still like to keep my hand in on the actual recruitment side of the business. The idea is to lead from the front but I have to admit the team are starting to beat me to the top of the league table.

I love to travel and having spent five years living and travelling in some very random places; from a Lion Sanctuary in Zimbabwe to the Snowy Mountains of New Zealand; I like to think I have so far made the most of life”.

Julian Knott, Director of Engineering at Holt Engineering Recruitment Specialists, UK

Julian Knott, Director of Engineering

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“I have been recruiting Engineering and Manufacturing staff for the last 20 years in Dorset, having moved to the area after travelling the world for 19 months. I had previously worked in the Engineering sector myself, building guidance systems for the Channel Tunnel tunnelling machines and supporting mainframe computer and storage devices.

I am delighted with how we have expanded and grown over the last few years. We’ve taken the Holt Engineering brand to some of the largest Engineering businesses in the country. We look forward to turning Holt Engineering Recruitment into one of the leading Engineering Recruitment businesses in the UK.”


Nathan Dixon CertRP, Senior Consultant at Holt Engineering Recruitment Specialist, UK

Nathan Dixon CertRP, Business Manager

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“I am a qualified Engineer, having served a five-year apprenticeship in advanced Engineering.  My Engineering experience spanned over 10 years. Working through the workshop on manual and CNC machinery, quality control and inspection as well as production planning & estimating.  I then progressed into installation and commissioning where I led site installation teams through complex installations into high-speed production lines.

Also, I have covered design and project engineering positions giving me a good understanding of methods & processes for the engineering/manufacturing environment. It’s exciting to see how Holt Engineering has grown and been able to assist an array of clients & candidates alike.  Outside of work I love to train in the gym and watch rugby with friends. Always in for a social event!”



Luke Hickson CertRP, Business Manager

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“I’m excited to have joined this vibrant and fast-growing company that’s really taken the market by storm in such a short space of time. They got my attention around 18 months ago and the success and reputation they were building made me want to be part of the journey.

I’ve joined Holt Engineering to take a lead role to grow and develop the “white collar” engineering space. My background is 8 years Recruitment experience in the Engineering industry with the majority of my experience being recruiting “white collar” and senior-level appointments such as Design, Operations, Sales, Engineering and Production Professionals from Managerial to Director level.

Outside of work, I’m a family man, usually spending my spare time with my partner and two little girls. I love the latest technology and have a genuine interest in the engineering industry.”


Debra James, Recruitment Consultant

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“I have been working within Human Resources for over 25 years and have a real passion for employee/candidate engagement. It’s exhilarating to deliver that wonderful news “you’ve got the job”. It brings a smile to my face every time. So what will I bring to the table at Holt? Well, I’ll be bringing my years of expertise from the other side. This will aid me to build up exceptional client and candidate relationships which I believe is my true forte.

I’m also really passionate about STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics). With a skill shortage in the UK, we need to nurture the younger generations. Let them be creative, ask questions and encourage their development. Engineering is a great career. It demands creative thinking, passion and dedication. That’s what the team here at Holt provides – a pipeline of talent to clients. Sharing success, being professional but having some fun at the same time. On a more personal note – in my spare time I enjoy exploring the Dorset countryside with my four-legged friend, collect all things vintage and love helping others within the community.”


Joss Holford CertRP, Recruitment Consultant

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“I have 3 years of Technical Recruitment experience, having started in the IT industry before moving to Dorset and working across both the Engineering and IT industries. I am sporty at heart but have a huge interest in the way things are made and the technology that goes into that. Holt Engineering has grown considerably over the past few years and I am excited to be a part of this engineering team.

Moving to Bournemouth has meant a lot of exploring outside of work, alongside my hobbies- Football, Gym and Gaming. Maybe a few drinks on the weekend too!”


Dan Jay, Recruitment Consultant at Holt Engineering Recruitment

Dan Jay, Recruitment Consultant

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“I am an experienced Engineer in the Aerospace Sector. I spent 6 years in Advanced Engineering where I completed an Apprenticeship, then spent the reminding time becoming a CNC Turn-mill Programmer. I’ve worked on prototypes for Nuclear and the Ministry of Defence Industry and learning many different aspects in and around the industry. I feel with my technical knowledge that I could expand my skills and got the opportunity to move into recruitment to find engineers the jobs they desire and deserve.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing football, golf and also playing the guitar. I’m also always up for a good night out!”