Local Industry Breakthrough!

Local Industry breakthrough for Aish Technologies in the recent month! They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian design and manufacturing company APC Technology. This is being seen as a milestone for Australia’s Defence Industry and a local industry breakthrough for the Dorset area!

The MoU is an agreement between the two companies to work in partnership. With Aish’s long-standing experience they are able to aid the significant expansion of expertise for advanced manufacturing for APC Technology. Aish is happy to assist the so-called rugged computing solutions for Australia.

‘A DEFENCE technology company in Dorset has signed a deal described as a landmark for the industry in Australia.’ – Daily Echo

Aish’s Managing Director, Ric Elkington, is delighted with the agreement:

“This represents a wonderful opportunity for both companies. We look forward to supporting our new partners with our technological expertise. It comes at an exciting time for Aish, as we develop our capability in rugged solutions for the naval and military markets. Aish is looking to engage in similar partnerships in other key regions of the world, reflecting the global nature of the defence industry and Aish’s ambitious plans for further growth in the future.” – (Via Society of Maritime Industries)


A little bit about Aish Technologies…

Aish Technologies is a systems design and manufacturing company that specialises in the protection of electronic equipment. The company have a history that extends back over a century and has an enviable pedigree in the supply of rugged technology across the world. This Local Industry Breakthrough is great for surrounding businesses and especially for Aish.

Scott Begbie, Managing Director of APC Technology, said the commitment and sharing of expertise by Aish Technologies will undoubtedly aid in the transformation and growth of its Australian operations. Due to the partnership with Aish, APC Technology will expand its product offering to supply a range of rugged equipment and systems, in line with the demands of next-generation defence projects in Australia.

Aish Specialise in…

  • Defence & Security
  • Subcontract Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Military Components
  • Energy


Local Business, Aish, makes industry breakthrough

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